Week Beginning 9th October

Our “People Who Help Us” topic is coming to an end soon. So far, we have learned about the police, the fire service and doctors. Next week, we will learn about the dentist. When we learned about the police, we solved a crime in class using clues that we found to rescue the victim! When we learned about the fire service, we used our cutting skills to create fire pictures and practised using the water spray! When we learned about doctors, we set up our own surgery in class and also created some x-ray art work. We have particularly enjoyed dressing up and role playing each of the services.



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Week Beginning 2nd October

This half term in PE, we have been concentrating on ball skills. This includes throwing, rolling and catching. We have used small balls to play team games and to throw and catch with our friends. We have used big balls to roll to our friends, to roll into a goal and to move around an obstacle course. This week, we will move onto using a bat to strike a ball towards a target.


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Week Beginning 25th September

For 3 weeks, we have been exploring shape in numeracy lessons. Some pupils have been comparing the size of 2D shapes and other objects. Some pupils have been matching and naming 2D shapes and using their counting to 4 skills. Other pupils have been sorting shapes by their properties, such as whether they have corners or not, while others have been finding right angles within shapes. Here are some photos of us working hard:

Next week, we are starting a new number topic all about time, where we will continue to use our number recognition skills.

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Week Beginning 18th September

Our literacy story for this half term is called ‘Supertato’ and it is about a superhero potato who has to save the supermarket from an evil pea villain! This week, we have recreated some of the scene from the book where the pea is terrorising the other vegetables. We practised our writing skills by making ‘help needed’ posters on behalf of the vegetables. We also recreated a supermarket in the sensory room and practised being cashiers and customers.



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Week Beginning 11th September

Welcome back to a new school year! I hope you all had a lovely summer holiday.

Class Rowan have got lots of exciting activities planned for this half term. This week in our topic lessons, we started learning about ourselves and people who help us. We shared information with our classmates about what toys we like to play with, what food we like to eat, and who our siblings are. We also dressed up as nurses to create photos for our workbook covers; later this term we will be learning about fire fighters, police and doctors.

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Welcome to Rowan’s class blog

welcome9Welcome to our blog. We will be using this blog to sharing all the learning we do in our class.

We would love to hear your comments, all comments will be moderated before going live.

Thank you.

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