Week Beginning 12th March

We continued our Great Designs and Inventions topic lessons by exploring electricity this week. We made some circuits that included light bulbs, buzzers and motors, using foil-covered lolly sticks to bridge the gaps between the wires. We tested how steady our hands were using a “don’t touch the wire” game. We also sorted pictures of electrical items by their output – whether they produce light, noise or heat. We even created some unusual art using an old electric toothbrush!


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Week Beginning 5th March

This half term in literacy, we are focusing on non-fiction and in particular, newspapers. We started by acting out and filming a class “crime”. Some children were cooks and some were drivers. The thieves dressed in disguise and then stole some food and some cars! The police had to chase and catch the thieves.

After watching the videos of the crime, we have been writing newspaper articles about what happened. We are also going to produce other articles you would normally find in a newspaper, such as advertisements, weather reports and sports reports. Finally, we will deliver our newspaper to the other classes for them to enjoy.

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Week Beginning 26th February

Welcome back to Spring 2 after our half term break!

Until Easter, our new topic is “Great Designs and Inventions” and we will be focusing on the wheel and electricity. We will be exploring how the wheel is used for art and transport, creating simple electrical circuits, and learning about safety around electricity.

This week, we used a Potter’s wheel and a salad spinner to create some art, we tried putting gears and cogs together to make things move, we powered a water wheel using sand (slightly less mess than using water!) and we created pictures using either circular stamps or a compass and pencil.


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Week Beginning 12th February

This week, there were lots of special celebrations. It was Pancake Day on the Tuesday and we celebrated by making and flipping our own pancakes in cookery. They were delicious with jam!


It was Valentine’s Day on the Wednesday and we had a Valentine’s disco in class. We played musical chairs and corners and did lots of dancing. It was also Chinese New Year on the Friday. Some of our parents came to visit us during first lesson. We matched animals of the Chinese zodiac, made Chinese playdough food and decorated Chinese lanterns.

What a busy week! Enjoy half term next week!

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Week Beginning 5th February

In numeracy, we have finished learning about weight and have moved onto problem solving. For different pupils, this variously includes finding the odd one out, copying and creating patterns, using counting to 3 in simple games, and solving addition and subtraction problems.

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Week Beginning 29th January

This half term, we have been learning about “Music and Dance Through the Decades” in our music lessons. Each week we visit a new decade, play instruments to iconic songs and try out popular dances.                                                                                                                      We started in the 1950s, listening to Elvis and learning to hand jive.                                        In the 1960s, we practised playing loudly and quietly to Yellow Submarine and “surfed” to  the Beach Boys.                                                                                                                                    The 1970s have seen us play the keyboard along to ABBA and try our hands at the YMCA.    In the 1980s, we played drums to Queen and danced the moonwalk with Michael Jackson.  Before half term, we will be visiting the 1990s and the 2000s.

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Week Beginning 22nd January

This half term, our literacy story is ‘The Wizard of Oz’. So far we have met Dorothy and Toto and travelled with them to the magical land of Oz. Dorothy has accidentally squashed the Wicked Witch with her house, gained the ruby slippers, and set off along the yellow brick road. This week, she met some new friends – Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion. They all want to go with her to meet the Wizard in Emerald City.


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Week Beginning 15th January

This half term in topic, we are learning about “Magic, Myths and Legends”. We are following the adventures of Harry the Wizard and Winnie the Witch. This week, they were feeling under the weather and we needed to make them a potion.

We tried mixing washing up liquid and water and blowing bubbles using straws. We also tried mixing bicarbonate of soda and vinegar and watching the mixture fizz up. We used bottles, funnels and a big cauldron to pour our potions.

We also used coloured paint to create pictures of our potions and wrote a class potions book, which is now sitting on our bookshelf to be read at any time.

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Week Beginning 8th January

It was lovely to welcome everyone back to school after the holidays for our Spring term and within a couple of hours it felt like we’d never been away!

For the next 3 weeks in numeracy, we are exploring weight. Some pupils are comparing heavy and light, some pupils are comparing big and small, and some pupils are using scales to weigh everyday items. Here are some photos of one group comparing items that are heavy and light.

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Week Beginning 18th December

During the last week of term, everyone was very busy getting ready for the Christmas holidays. We finished any remaining pieces of work for literacy, numeracy or topic. We made Christmas decorations and calendars to send home to our parents. We had a Christmas party with classes Sycamore and Maple. On the last day of term, Santa came to visit and gave us each a present!

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