Remembrance Sunday- Poppy Appeal

We created poppies and talked about remembering all the brave soldiers who have fought for our country. We watched the Cbeebies Poppy animation to find out that Poppies gave soldiers hope when war was over. 

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Autumn 2: How do we celebrate?

Week 2: How can we celebrate Diwali?

This week we have learnt all about the Hindu ‘Festival of Lights’. To learn about this celebration we listened to the story of Rama and Sita to understand the symbolism of lights. We created a range of lanterns and manuipulated clay to create Diva pots. We also made Rangoli patterns that were tessselating and symmetrical using 2D shapes as well as symmetrical Numicon Rangoli patterns. One of our superhero missions was to create Mhendi patterns using the interactive whiteboard on Mini-Mash.

On Friday Tania came in to share pictures of her family celebrating Diwali and answered lots of well thought out questions. She was impressed at how much we had found out about the Festival. She then helped the children to prepare ‘Coconut Laddoo’ for the children to try which is a Diwali treat.

Week 1:How do we celebrate Halloween and Bonfire Night?

This week we have focused on Bonfire night, talking about fire safety, fireworks and the role of the fire service. The children have enjoyed dressing up as firefighters and keeping their friends safe. We really enjoyed watching the fireworks in the garden on Friday.

On Tuesday the 31st the children didn’t arrive to school. Instead the teachers were met by vampires, witches, skeletons, pumpkins, devils and many more. We enjoyed a day of making potions, magic wands, explore pumpkins and making pumpkin soup.We even ate popcorn whilst listening to spooky stories. It was spooktacular!!!

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Autumn 1- Who am I?

This gallery contains 10 photos.

Week 6: How do we grow? This week we learnt about people of different ages. We talked about stages of life from baby to toddler, to child and teenager and then onto adulthood and being an elderly person. Some friends … Continue reading

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Welcome to Reception!

Welcome to Reception’s Class Blog.

Wow! What a busy week it has been.

The children are settling well into school life, making lots of new friends, following new routines and most of all having lots of fun!

They have been exploring our exciting classroom and showing the teachers what their interests are! Our question of the week was ‘What makes me special?’. We’ve soon found out that our children have lots of talents some of which include name writing, counting, tidying (almost all!) and being kind and caring to their friends.

Keep checking the blog for updates and pictures to show what the children are getting up to in school!

If you haven’t already done it, don’t forget to download the ClassDojo App.


sign up as a “parent” and enter the code given to you by us! (If you are unsure please come and speak to us and we will be happy to help!)

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Welcome to ReceptionH’s blog

group children2Welcome to Reception class!

We are working really hard,please keep checking our blog where we will be sharing our learning activities.

We would love to hear your comments about our learning, all comments are moderated before appearing live.

Thank you

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