Welcome to the Year 5S Blog

Welcome to the Year 5S blog.

Use this blog to keep up to date with everything that is going on in our class. The blog will be updated by staff and pupils, we hope to share the memories we are creating as well as the everyday successes, learning and growing!

Thank you

Mr Shaw and Miss Donnellan

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The formal written method of addition

This week our focus was written addition. Below you can see one of our students completing a written addition with two 5-digit numbers.


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Writing a diary as Magnus

This week we finished our work on diary entries. We wrote a day in the life as Magnus, from Anglo Saxon Boy our class author. Here are some of the best examples that are up in the classroom!

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Certificates 15th September 2017

Our ‘Star of the week’ is Habibah

Our ‘’Behaviour of the week’ is Nancy

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Guided Maths

In guided maths we have been looking at identifying 3-d shapes from 2-d representations. One of the activities we completed independently is below. As you can see we created 3-d shapes from nets.

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Growth Mindset – Origami Penguins

Today we discovered how having a growth mindset can help us throughout the year. Mr Shaw asked us to create an Origami Penguin. These are some of our results:

As you can see without any help or support we really struggled. Eventually we gave up and we felt it was an impossible task.

We tried again. This time we had growth mindset and we knew the task was going to be hard but we were willing to try and try again. We knew it wouldn’t be perfect on our first attempt and we would have to be resilient if we were going to succeed. If somebody on our table did well we wouldn’t be jealous or upset we would use it to inspire us.

As you can see with a growth mindset and some help and support from adults and one another we improved our results. There’s still room for improvement though.

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Autumn1 Term

Wow! What a great start we have had in Year 5! The children have embraced the new challenge of UKS2 and the extra responsibilities that come with it.

Our topic this term will be Anglo-Saxons.

Our class author is Tony Bradman and we will be reading his book, ‘Anglo-Saxon Boy’ in class.

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