I Want My Mummy!

Well Year 4, you have done all the research so now you know exactly how a mummy was made in Ancient Egypt. Why don’t you share some of the gruesome facts you have learned?

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Autumn Colours

The trees are looking beautiful now that they are’ dressed’ in their Autumn colours. Can you compose a poem about them? Remember, a thesaurus is a great tool to help you avoid ‘clunky’ non -poetic words. Go on, have a go!

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Today, we learned how to write a ‘spine’ poem. Here is the one we wrote together.




Sharp teeth like blades

Majestic mane

Amber eyes searching.



Can you post your own poems here and share them with the class?

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Ancient Egypt


What interesting facts have you already learned about life in Ancient Egypt. Post some facts here and share what you know with the class.



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Certificates 15th September 2017

Our ‘Star of the week’ is  Aysha
Our ‘’Behaviour of the week’ is Samuel

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Welcome to 4F

Hello everyone

4F have had a fantastic start to the new school year. I think we have exciting times ahead.

Our topic this term is ‘The Egyptians’ which will link to work on Moses and the Exodus, deserts and how plants and animals have adapted to desert life.

The children will need a P.E kit every Monday, but it is a good idea to keep the kit in school in case we squeeze an extra session in.

Please try to read with your child three times a week – the more regularly they change their books the more enthusiastic they become.

Homework will be based around the work on Thinkers Keys that we are doing in class. More detail will follow. . .

Thank you for all your support

The 4F team!

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Welcome to 4F’s blog

school blogWelcome to our blog. We will be using this blog to share what we have been doing in class, to improve our writing and ICT skills.

We would love to hear your comment, all comments will be moderated before going live.

Thank you.

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