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Welcome to 3M’s blog. We will be using this blog to share what we have been doing in class, to improve our writing and ICT skills.

During this term we will be worked hard learning about Volcanoes. We have some visitors in school this week from Freshwater Theatre Company who will be helping us to learn about Volcanoes and empathise with those people who live near to one.

Our Class Author this term is Roald Dahl and we have already started to read George’s Marvellous Medicine. We are making our own different medicines in our role play area during Golden Time too.

Last week we gave the children their reading book and we have started our Great Reading Race. Every time they read at home they will earn a merit and move along a place on the race track. The finishing line is once they have read 35 times. Who will win the race? Who will win the prize?
Help you child take part by reading with them as much as possible and recording it in their reading log.

Our PE lessons with Rachel will be on Tuesday and we are going to be going outside if the weather is not too bad! Make sure your PE kit is in school.

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Miss Morgan

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In PE this week we used the hall and found that a river of lava was flowing through the middle of it. The children had to work in groups and use loose parts play equipment in order to get across the river safely and collect some very important objects.

The children worked well together in their teams and used crates, ropes, hoops and stepping stones to get across safely. We all enjoyed it and had used plenty of our problem solving skills.

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What an adventure we have had this week!
The children have loved exploring lots of non-fiction books all about Volcanoes. We have been finding out the answers to questions like ‘What is a Volcano?’, ‘Where are volcanoes found’? and ‘What is the Ring of Fire’?

On Thursday we had a special visitor.

An Earth Explorer came to Year 3 and we travelled all over the world finding out about different volcanoes like Mount St Helens and Vesuvius. We used special ropes to lower ourselves down into the Mount St Helens…it was very cold in there because it is a glacier. We became archaeologists in Pomepii and dug out the remains after Vesuvius had erupted. Oliver and Kian found a treasure chest. Brilliant! We arrived safely back at Cherry Tree by lunchtime, exhausted by our travels!
We learnt so much from our explorations, we are going to make sure we remember all the facts and us them in our writing next week.

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Certificates 15th September 2017

Our ‘Star of the week’ is Summer

Our ‘’Behaviour of the week’ is Hira

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